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Versa Med IVENT Ventilator

Versa Med IVENT Ventilator
Versa Med IVENT Ventilator
Product Code : 04
Product Description

Versa Med IVENT 201 Ventilator (Refurbished)

PC based light-weight design that efficiently addresses critical care, sub acute, ER, transport, and homecare requirements.  Offers standard ventilatory modes as well as non-invasive bi-bevel. Self-contained turbine eliminates the need for a compressor. Extensive graphics, Internal battery, O2 analyzer included. Pediatric and adult application.


  • T Volume-controlled modes - ASSIST/CONTROL; SIMV, PSV
  • Pressure-controlled modes - ASSIST/CONTROL; SIMV, PSV
  • Supplemental modes - CPAP, PSV, Adaptive Bilevel (noninvasive)
  • General modes - Present parameters by patient weight, Adaptive Flow, Adaptive I-Time, Apnea back-up, Sigh breath, Adjustable Rise Time, Easy Exhale, 100% O2

Special modes of Operation:

  • Adjustable Rise Time
  • 100% o2 Suction
  • Easy Exhale
  • Preset Parameters by Patient Weight Sigh Breath
  • Adaptive Flow
  • Adaptive Time
  • Backup Apnea Ventilation

Operating Range of Controls:

  • Respiratory rate: 1-80BPM
  • Tidal Volume: 50-2000ml
  • Inspiratory Pressure: 5-80cmH2O
  • Inspiratory Time: Adaptive Time or 0.3-3sec
  • Peak Flow: Adaptive Flow or 1-120L/min, spontaneous up to 180L/min
  • Oxygen Mix (FiO2): 21%-100%
  • PEEP: 0-40cmH2O
  • Trigger Sensitivity: Flow Sens. Off or 120L/min
  • Pressure Sens. Off or - 0.5-20cmH2O
  • PSV: 0-60cmH2O
  • Positive Pressure Relief Valve: 80cmH2O